When will NCAA March Madness 2023 take place? How many teams participate?

In just a few days, the NCAA March Madness, also known as “March Madness” will begin. This is the final round of the student basketball tournament across the United States.

This is an extremely attractive tournament, highly appreciated by experts among universities, in order to find the best name to step up to the championship.

When and where does the NCAA March Madness take place?

As the name suggests, the NCAA March Madness takes place every March. In 2023, the first qualifying round of the NCAA March Madness will take place on March 12. Meanwhile, the final match will take place on April 3.

The venue for the final match of the NCAA March Madness has also been determined, which is the NRG Stadium, in Houston, Texas. The remaining matches will be held scatteredly in many parts of the United States.

2023 is the 84th season of the NCAA March Madness. Since its inception in 1939, this tournament has only had one suspension in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How many teams are in the NCAA 2023?

March Madness Team Tiers
March Madness Team Tiers

In the first 12 seasons since its inception, the NCAA March Madness has only 8 teams participating. These are the 8 best teams, coming from all over the US after going through a group stage that lasted for many months.

In 1951, the tournament increased the number of teams to 16 and remained until 1975. At that time, the NCAA March Madness increased the number of teams participating in the final round to 32 teams.

In 1985, the tournament again doubled the number of participating teams, especially when the daily group stage was expanded with hundreds of participating schools.

In 2001, the Mountain West division entered the group stage, helping the NCAA March Madness have one more preliminary round with 65 teams. Three more teams were added in 2011, turning the NCAA March Madness into the 68-team format and maintaining it to this day.

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