Retro Christmas Decorations With Shiny Brite Accessories


Since I restored an antique cabinet for my entrance hall, I’ve really appreciated enhancing it with lots of vintage retro Christmas decorations. From Shiny Brite accessories to traditional lights and also silver garland to retro toys and trees, my large closet is filled with retro decoration  in bright, glittery colors.

Retro Christmas Decorations With Shiny Brite Accessories
Retro Decorations Christmas

I ‘d like to share a few of my designing suggestions as well as ideas for producing your very own vintage retro Christmas decorations.

Use lots of Shiny Brite ornaments

Jo and I gather Shiny Brite ornaments in their initial product packaging all the time, frequently discovering them at flea markets and also yard sales. I simply love how they look when presented in the initial boxes, with the tags and fonts. I use these Shiny Brites throughout my decor as long as I can.

Gather up vintage playthings as well as decor

To break up the uniformity of square accessory product packaging, I also utilize great deals of little style elements such as vintage toys, or even brand-new things that just appear like vintage. It’s all about the general appearance of enjoyable, colorful, as well as intense things that advise you of Christmas as a kid.

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Create a background of shimmer and lights

Prior to filling up the cupboards with decoration, I first add a background of traditional silver garland covered with strands of battery-operated fairy lights. This backlights the products in the cabinet so they don’t get lost in the shadows, as well as develops a fanciful look on each shelf.

Style vignettes to develop special moments

On each rack, I begin with a box of accessories and after that fill out around it with the toys and also design, producing a little vignette.

My closet has doors with glass windows, so I take care to line up each collection to ensure that it’s centered behind the glass, producing a unique minute in each area.

Fill out with bright accessories and also decor

When I run out of big, vintage products to suspend, I grab various other bright design aspects such as bowls as well as solid-colored sphere ornaments. As my Shiny Brite collection expands, I can replace these items with even more boxes of accessories, but till then, there are plenty of things around the house that can load the area temporarily.
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Retro Christmas Decorations With Shiny Brite Accessories
Retro Decorations Christmas

Include a silver tree filled with Shiny Brites

To accompany the closet filled with retro goodies, I established a silver-toned metallic tree next to the cupboard. This is where I hang all of my loosened Shiny Brite accessories, as well as great deals of brightly-colored bulbs. When it’s lit with gleaming white lights it adds the excellent pleasant touch to the cabinet.

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Integrate different textures and also shades

The trick to developing a fun and welcoming collection of decoration is to combine different textures as well as colors together. As long as everything is in the exact same general appearance and also wide shade tail, various structures such as timber, metal, and ceramic will certainly all collaborate to include depth as well as dimension to your design.

When I have it all gathered, the outcome is so wonderful that I nearly want to leave it up all year round!
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