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Happy Birthday Jesus 2021! A Follow up to the Think Tribe breaking up with Santa.

Following up with the Guess People breaking up with Santa, I intended to offer a bit more insight.


As a Believer, we are put with certain convictions to lead our lives to glorify God. The will of God for ALL our lives is to be appreciative. This period, I locate myself less and much less thankful as the years go. It starts with great intentions leading up to Thanksgiving, then all the shopping sales of the weekend break have actually led to a spiral downhill. Remembering my very first partner as well as I satisfying Thanksgiving week, after that involved on Christmas break- the most effective memories together before his fatality the following year. Years later, looking into a mental health and wellness healthcare facility simply a pair weeks prior to Xmas, is an injury resolved however still present in memory. It’s hefty, y’ all! And also I want J O Y!

Happy Birthday Jesus

Absolutely, today more than ever, I desire others to see Jesus! It’s a slippery slope for a lot for humans throughout the vacations; falling back into old patterns of retail therapy, drinking way too much at vacation events, ruining our bodies with overindulgence of food, mental health and wellness patterns getting darker with … insert whatever it is <

Back to Santa … This year I started doing a seasonal themed shelf for the children. Searching McKay’s for used books back initially in November, I recognized exactly how the many duplicates were of Santa publications. I needed to dig to locate publications just about the winter season, being appreciative, or Jesus and also the manger. My heart began to cave as I assumed, “Does this represent the majority of mankind throughout the month of December? A hefty focus on imagination as well as this photo of Santa being a person who offers us what we desire?”

Certainly, starting with Dallas, I was so right into Santa Claus for him. Being a teen mommy, I bear in mind purchasing Black Friday sales at Toys R Us and being incredibly grateful for having the ability to manage those sale prices and also gift my child with an excellent Xmas. When I did marry years later, Mr. Think as well as I decorated the hallway with “snow boot prints”, had actually video cameras established to catch the magic. Jesus was very little in our Xmas Day party those initial couple of years.


We did the conventional Xmas Eve candlelight service to set the mood of acknowledging Jesus’ birth. My residence wasn’t embellished with Santa yet rather the nativity scene. I actually didn’t provide much idea to make even more of Jesus and also less of custom and society. It essentially had not been on my radar!

A Costco journey to their lots of kids books was the last straw, no Jesus. No place. He was missing in the shop on this vacation that is His, the way we celebrate it as Believers. I intended to rage right then and also there. “Is this what it’s come to, Lord? Exactly how can THEY do this?!” “Full stop, Mrs. Righteous trousers.” << was not God’s audible response, however what my mind looked to … (court is still out on exactly how to explain these God/Danielle discussions! Hang tight here at A Mommy’s Finest Presume: theology).

The conversation continued as I stood with my jaw clenched, looking at the Happy North Pole pictures. “What are you carrying out in your home to resurrect the image and teachings of Jesus this Xmas season? What publications are your children reviewing the most? The films- are they glazed over with the North Post and also Santa’s Elves making gifts for the youngsters on the “wonderful list”?

What regarding MY listing? Where the names of Followers are made a note of in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Exactly how are YOU being Jesus to a lost and dimmed world?”

Super convicting. “And anyone that does not occupy his cross as well as follow Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever locates his life will certainly lose it, and whoever loses his life for My benefit will discover it.”

If only they understood it was their last image with each other! Farewell, Santa! You’ve been good to us.

Okay … Xmas as well as the definition of it were currently on my radar! With my youngsters being 6, 7, and also 11, it not just makes good sense to have a larger conversation regarding Jesus, it is currently pertinent. We had already broken the news to them the year prior that Santa was just a false representation of present receiving. However, actually, that was done just since I really did not like that Santa got credit scores for the presents I bought for the youngsters!

I’m not here to convince you that Santa misbehaves or is incorrect. I hope you have not made him an idolizer in your life, and also I understand many pals who celebrate with great balance. We aren’t called to lay down Santa in the Presume house because we are holier. Much in contrast!

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This season, finishing 2019 and also going into 2020, I need Jesus more than ever. My kids require a company structure of being great stewards of the Spirit filled gifts they’ve been offered. We are so reduced in life presently, that all day, He is pushing me through the day. All various other pictures must decrease; Jesus must enhance in our lives.

And also to that, we are breaking up with Santa. Dallas, my big child that has a huge imagination, had a problem with every face when we pulled out the Reindeer Food Bar sign while enhancing it for Xmas. He joyfully composed a new cele

I presume this year, we are making bird food, covering less presents, and also bearing in mind Jesus and what His birth suggests for us today.

With Jesus, we have hope.

With Jesus, the dark wintertimes give us acceptance to seek Him a lot more in the safe, warm walls of our residence.

With Jesus, we can prolong poise to our next-door neighbor.

With Jesus, we can give to others and also be less concerned with the getting.

With Jesus, we have a true reason to commemorate!


There will certainly be stockings and a present exchange Xmas early morning. There will certainly still be Xmas morning meals and Xmas Eve solutions. A buddy shared on Facebook just how her household makes up a birthday cake for Jesus on Xmas Eve! I was so relieved to hear that tip. I sure do eagerly anticipate consuming Santa’s swiss cake roll as well as reindeer carrots like the 11 years past!

Now, the crowning achievement is still there- simply with a various person’s name on top, as it should remain in our residence and also hearts.

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